Monopoly RK60 Square Flower Pet Waterer White

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1. Square flower, the latest market, fashionable and beautiful.
2. High cost performance.
3. Good material.
4. 2L super large water storage capacity.
5. Super activated carbon filter depilation, filter deodorization purification, outer filter cotton, PP cotton microporous filter, filter hair, bacteria and other large foreign objects.
6. Ultra-quiet water pump: keeps pets and owners away from noise.
7. Fully automatic circulation filter pet water dispenser, super hair filtration.
8. Two ways of water output: waterfall, spring.
Waterfall: Fancy waterfall water, suitable for Sven pets
Yongquan: No flowers, springs, water, large drinking area, suitable for large-mouth drinking pets. Pure spring method, it can also remove the hair on the surface of the drinking funnel and remove the ash.
9. Close the water storage design to make the water the pets drink more clean and dust-free. The fancy water design, dotted with the home, is as beautiful as the decorative flower pot. In the spring way, the center spring can sweep the pet hair from the water surface to remove dust, and the long-haired pet drinking water weapon.
10. For pet-stricken pets, provide a fancy waterfall way, let pets prefer flowing water design, enjoy the faucet drinking water
11. Increase the water tank design so that pets drink water without bending the spine.
12. Submersible pump: a new generation of DC brushless submersible pump, ultra-quiet, ultra-long life motor, 2W ultra-low power consumption, continuous use for 1 month, only 1.5 degrees, all copper wire motor, glue seal, acid and alkali corrosion resistance Clean up.


Power: 2W
Power cord length: 1.6M (head and tail)
Power output: DC12V
Power input: AC230V, 50-60Hz, 0.1A
Pump voltage: DC12V 2W
Maximum water capacity: 2L
Filter replacement time: 30 days of continuous operation
Shell material: ultra-clean mirror antibacterial PP resin (excluding BPA)
Safe and non-toxic, pet water is more assured

Shipping list:
1* drinking fountain
1* flowers
1* Yongquan mouth
1* activated carbon filter cotton
1* submersible pump
1* power adapter
1* instruction manual

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